Maintain an exercise routine when traveling

Whether you travel for business or recreation, your trip probably break the normal routine and you might not think its worth making time for exercise while on the road. You especially might think so if you view exercising as a chore (in which you should get to a more positive attitude about it). This article gives tips on how you can make time for exercise while on vacation withing nearly dying from stress.

Recommended Steps

  • You need to plan ahead. Pack exercise clothing, including shoes and a swimsuit if you plan on swimming.
  • Is there going to be a layover or a short break on the road? This might be a good time to get some exercise.
  • When you’re settled, take advantage of any amenities your hotel offers. Most hotels have at least a small fitness room equipped with weights and machines in addition to pools. Also keep in mind that you don’t need weights or equipment to get effective exercises. As an example, you could probably do many of the things a weight room has to offer with luggage and other items whether it be arm curls, squats, bench presses, etc. Think outside of the box. If your activities on this trip are on a tight schedule, you might find yourself too exhausted to exercise regularly. Don’t spoil your vacation with compulsive thinking.
    • Do compact exercises. If your space is severely limited such as a cramped hotel room, there are many space conserving exercises you can do. Sit-ups, push-ups, and lifting improvised weights (luggage, wet towels, etc.) can burn some big calories and help keep you fit. Be mindful of other hotel guests around you as some of them can be loud and repetitive. Unless you’re at the bottom floor, jumping jacks and running in place are a couple of exercises which might make too much noise. As I already pointed out, you don’t need equipment to exercise. As an example, you could do many different variations of push ups while wearing a backpack.
    • Choose to walk and take the stairs whenever possible. If you find yourself within walking distance of your next destination, why not just walk briskly to this location rather than take a taxi or public transit? Also if it wouldn’t take up too much time, take the stairs more often than you would take the elevator. If you’re at a mall while on you’re trip, you could do some mall walking and take the stairs rather than the escalator.
    • Once you’re home, pick up on your old routine or change it somewhat to keep things interesting if you want. It might take several days of reconditioning if you’ve lost some ground.

    Some suggestions

    On longer flights you can discretely do some exercises even though you’re basically just sitting down. As an example, you can do an arm press which would be pressing down your arms hard as possible onto the arm rests for 30 seconds (or however long you can do it while being discrete to avoid embarrassment.)

    You might need to increase caloric intake if you maintain your fitness routine while traveling to avoid wearing yourself out on your trip and making the exercises effective. Do this with a healthy addition nutritious foods and supplements as you (hopefully) do when you’re not vacationing. If you ask me, vacations don’t justify eating more junk food (not MUCH.)