Overcoming writer’s block

Some related terms which mean the same thing or almost the same thing include creative block, musician’s block, and artist’s block.

writers block photo: writers block writersblock.jpg

People who have a case of writer’s block have at least one or more of the following negative things going on : Procrastination / laziness, depression, a negative attitude (example – “I really do it anymore and that’s just the way it is”), and they stick to routines too often. Often times, people with this ‘condition’* won’t explore new avenues nearly as much as they should because they don’t realize the benefits of breaking routines, taking breaks, and looking at other creative works for ideas and inspiration. Exposure to new and interesting things helps to create new pathways in your brain, and you evolve as a person. This is almost common sense, but its a simple fact which seems to be forgotten too much.

Come up with a list of things that amuse you, excite you, frighten you, make you happy, or any kind of strong emotion. Think of things that make you jealous. What is the point of this? Stronger emotions help us to take action, unless maybe something happens to us to cause these emotions. So rather than walk through the ghetto by yourself at night to take risks, it would be better to watch a movie that excites you (if you don’t do much of that already.) Doing this, in addition to something else you might not do such as reading an article from a magazine you’ve never considered looking at, is something which exposes you to different things which can give you ideas on what to create content about.

There might be other things you need to do to defeat writer’s block, which is not a disease but a state of mind. Do you not have much of a life right now? Are you constantly around work, kids, and other demands? If you can’t put aside any time for just you, then getting rid of the block might be more than challenging. Also, consider all of the ways that you can help break your routine. This could be anything from taking a different route to work, shopping at a grocery store you’ve never shopped at for the sake of it, making a different kind of a meal, or brushing your teeth with the hand you wouldn’t usually use. Keep your attitude in check while you’re at it. Thoughts like I can’t come up with anything worthwhile can be replaced with  We all start somewhere! 

What have you done so far to try and get over your block, before reading this post? Its probably not very effective, whatever it is. Bringing new stimuli into your life isn’t necessarily everything. If video games, social media, and other addictive online habits were taken away from you, could that help? Write down some of your own non-productive hobbies and habits and promise yourself that you’ll give that up for a while. Be specific about when you’re allowed to go back to it, so that you’ll take your written goal seriously.